Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Find answers to the most common questions our customers ask us.

What is the price range of your gowns?

Starts from Rupees (Rs.) 15,000 for a standard wedding gown to Rs. 75,000+ for more elaborate creations.

How much does it cost to tailor a wedding gown?

This depends entirely on the style, pattern and fabric you select and how much time it takes in terms of labour. You can expect to pay a minimum of Rs. 12,000 for a very basic design.

How long do you take to tailor a gown?

We require a minimum of 4-6 weeks to tailor make your gown. For a bridal gown you will be expected to come in for atleast 3-4 fittings to give you a perfect fit!

Do you have gowns for hire?

No, all our gowns are brand new and available for sale only. Through our experience, we have observed that Indian brides do not have a standard shape or size - each person's body type is unique and therefore each bride requires a gown that compliments her body type best!

How long do you take to alter a ready made wedding gown?

You can expect to give us a minimum of one week and atleast 1 fitting to alter a ready made gown.

Where are your wedding gowns sourced from?

The Bridal Boutique has a wide range of patterns, styles, embellishments and fabric to choose from. In order to cater to each bride’s unique taste we source our gowns from designers and suppliers across the globe, including Asia and Australia.

Should I make an appointment to come and try on wedding gowns?

Yes, wedding gowns can only be tried by appointment. If you would like to come and see our range of gowns you can feel free to walk in anytime during business hours. However, if you want to try a gown on you must make an appointment either via phone (080-41189809) or email.

What can I expect at my trial?

Your appointment will last approximately an hour to an hour and a half. You will be given personal assistance by one of our consultants.

At the Bridal Boutique we provide personalised attention to the client and her family, which is what, sets us apart from other bridal stores. We recommend you limit the number of people who you bring with you while first choosing your dress. Through experience we have found that the more the people, the more confused the bride feels about which gown to pick. Preferably limit the first visit to just your parents and fiancé or both! Your consultant will get to know you, your likes, and dislikes, and give you a little information about our store and choosing your gown.

Next, your family will be shown to the seating area while you and your consultant select the gowns you would like to try on. You will then be allowed to try on the gowns one by one and model them for your family. Your consultant will outfit you completely with veil, gloves and all so that you get a feel of what you will actually look like on your big day!

Once you have narrowed it down to your favourite gown, your consultant will help you place your order and make suggestions. We will then have our master tailor take your measurements and document any changes if necessary. After this we will go over the paperwork and payment procedure with you.

Can I bring pictures or patterns of gowns that I like?

Yes, please feel free to bring in a few pictures of gowns that you have in mind. You can show these to your consultant when you come in for a trial or email them to us before hand so we can suggest similar patterns from our collection of gowns. Your consultant will also be able to suggest whether the pattern you like would compliment your body type or not and make alternative suggestions accordingly.

Please remember to keep an open mind and try different styles that you may not think you will like – they often turn out to be “the one”.

Do you have a catalogue that I could look at?

No, at the Bridal Boutique it is almost impossible to have a set catalogue of pictures of our stock. The reason being that we almost never have two gowns of the same pattern. Each gown is carefully handpicked so that no two brides end up having the same pattern, leaving each bride having a unique experience on her wedding day!

Can I take pictures at my trial so that I can go over them and decide with family and friends later?

We're sorry, but you will not be allowed to take photographs at our Boutique. Please refrain from bringing cameras or video recorders when you come (you will have to leave them with our staff if you do – this will be returned to you on your leaving).

You will however be allowed a picture of yourself in your gown only after full payment has been made and all trials are complete.

Is there anything I need to bring with me or do for my trial?

Yes, if you have decided on a gown you will need to bring your wedding shoes with you for all trials. It is also advisable to bring your wedding undergarments with you to ensure perfect measurements. Please ensure that your hair is shampooed.

Also, please avoid using makeup such as concealer, foundation, blush-on and lipstick during trials to avoid soiling of the gowns.

Does the veil come free with the gown?

No, we custom make the bridal veil according to your preference. We do however have a wedding dress and veil package - visit us to view our selection.

Do you supply fabric like silk, lace, tulle etc.?

Yes, we have wide range of imported bridal lace and fabric. We also supply the lining, can can, 'whalebone' and built in bra and other inner wear that add form to your dress.

What fabric should I choose?

Choose a fabric that compliments the shape of the dress. Visit us today to get personalised advice.

Where is your fabric sourced from?

From overseas and select Indian fabric suppliers

If I provide you with my own fabric will you be able to tailor make a gown for me?

The look of a gown depends largely on the quality of fabric used to make it. We have our own fabric for Wedding dresses as well as cocktails gowns etc that have been carefully chosen for this purpose and do not encourage you to buy your own fabric.

Do you sell corsets?

Yes, we have corsets in various sizes, please visit us to take a look.

Do you have vintage gowns or retro styles i.e. 1950's, 60's look?

Yes, with a range of over 100 wedding gowns to choose from in styles and designs that cover a range of looks from the classic to the contemporary.

I have already purchased my gown abroad, will you be able to alter the gown for me?

Bridal Boutique prides itself in the expertise of wedding gown alterations! Please visit us with your gown to check if we will be able to make alterations to your gown. This depends entirely on the type of work involved.

I am wearing a traditional Indian sari for my wedding, can you help me with only the veil and other accessories for the bridal party as well?

Yes, we can custom make your veil to suit your sari, please bring a swatch of the fabric or better still your sari blouse when you come in to order your veil.

If I find my perfect dress, will you be able to hold it for me and have me pay for it closer to the wedding date?

No, at The Bridal Boutique we do not hold any gowns for brides unless a payment has been made to book that gown. The reason for this is that holding a gown for one bride could deprive another bride (willing to make up front payment) of her dream gown.

What are your payment terms and options?

If you want to book a wedding gown a down payment of 50% on the total cost of the gown must be made.

You will have one month (from the date of the 1st payment) to pay the balance due on the gown. If there are any alterations and or additions to the gown the full payment must be made before any work begins.

We accept cash, debit cards or all major credit cards.

Can I pick up a cheap gown because I also have to change into a sari?

Yes, we can offer you a range of affordable gowns to suit your budget.

Can I pick up something not too elaborate that I can wear again?

Yes, you can choose from a selection of plain dress designs that can also be worn at other special occasions

Can I find something that I can have dyed and wear again?

You can choose from our range of plain dress styles and colours.

Can sleeves be added to this wedding dress?

Yes. We offer a variety of sleeve options to complete the dress you have chosen.

Can I change from spaghetti straps to something broader?

Yes, you can customise your wedding dress as you like.

Can you make a coatee/shrug for me to use for the church ceremony?

We can create a 'coatee' or shrug to match the dress you have chosen.

Can you make a detachable train?

Yes offcourse, talk to us about what you have in mind.

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